Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Yummy, Good 4 You, CHEAP Breakfast!

I hate Sunday nights....that means Monday morning is coming up!!  I've had a good weekend celebrating hubby's birthday as well as snuggling w/ my furry babies!  No reality!!

My Sunday night ritual is to sit in front of my Excel spreadsheet and ponder over the food in our house.  From this, I create our weekly meal plan.  I was doing it 2-3 weeks at a time when I first started the Pantry Challenge, but now that I'm having to be creative, a week is all I can do!  I have had to go buy a few things here and there but I have saved AT LEAST 75% of my monthly grocery bill since I've started this!  :)  Awesome!  Oops...ADD moment!

Anyway...most Sundays I make a large pot of my "gourmet" oatmeal.  I wasn't an oatmeal person until the last few years.  I started buying Quaker Instant Raisins and Brown Sugar (or something like that).  At $3 for 8 packets (I think it has 8), I decided I had to do something different!  Now, I LOVE Oatmeal and HUBBY DOES TOO!!!  Wow!!  I also love starting the day w/ something warm on those cold mornings.  Here is my breakdown:

Oatmeal (Aldi) – 2.03 (tax inc) for 42oz. = 30 (1/2c)servings = .07 per serving
Walnuts (Aldi) – 2.34 (tax inc) for 8oz. =  8 (1oz) servings = .29 per serving
Golden raisins (Aldi) – 2.03 (tax inc) for 15oz. = 14 (1oz) servings = .15 per serving
Brown Sugar (Aldi) – 1.32 (tax inc) for 36oz. = 36 (1oz) servings = .03 per serving

My pot of oatmeal:

3c oatmeal - .07 x 6 =.42
2oz walnuts - .29 x 2 = .58
2oz raisins - .15 x 2 = .30
2oz brown sugar - .03 x 2 = .06
Made 6 servings
1 serving =  .22 per serving!!

VERSUS Starbucks @ $2.65 per serving AND theirs is instant…it’s good but mines better!
VERSUS McDonald’s @ $2.15 per serving…I’ve never had it.  I am not a McD’s fan unless it’s their unsweet tea w/ Equal. :)
                                                           My 6 meals of Yumminess
                                                               The finished product!

With Visions of Sugarplums Brown Sugar Dancing in my Head,


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