Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sadness about Eggs...but with gratitude!

I have been getting my eggs from the same people for about the past 8 months or so.  I stumbled across their ad on a community website selling fresh eggs for a BUCK a dozen!  Regular, yucky, commercial eggs sell for more than that AND I usually pay about $3 a dozen for fresh eggs.  I hit the jackpot and had been buying 10 dozen at a time.  We use a lot of eggs because we both take them to work everyday for a great source of protein.  And according to the USDA, eggs stay good for MONTHS!  

Now for the sad part....they sold their chickens....sad, sad, sad.  I finally got in touch with them a little over a week ago and the guy said that although they have no more chickens, they still had lots of eggs and could hook me up.  These are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  He told me to come by that evening and they would make it happen.
All of my yummy eggs!
When I got there, they had my eggs (10 doz) ready to go.  As I tried to hand him a 10 dollar bill, he told me no, they're yours.  So, so kind!  That made me smile but I am still sad about the thought of having no more!  They had all kinds of breeds even Easter-Eggers which lay eggs in gorgeous hues of green.
Pretty, huh?


  1. Sorry about the eggs, hope you can find another hen owner who sells them. I loved hearing about your sweet pups at Cozy Home Scenes, and I love their names. Each one has a unique and precious story. Mary

    1. Mary, it has been forever since I logged in. Life got in the way! Thank you for your sweet comment!

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