Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bargain Crafts - Candy Bouquet

I mentioned earlier that I love to give things to people for no special occasion.  I especially like homemade stuff!  :)  I have a friend (you KNOW who you are) that is SO creative you just wanna smack her!!  lol  BUT you wouldn't because she's so awesome and generous.  :)

I wanted to share with you something I made recently for "someone" special for a birthday (I haven't given it to him/her yet).  I have had several people try and convince me I needed to give it to them!  It was so much fun and cheap to make - if you know where to go for supplies.  I'm going to list the supplies needed, where I got them, and how much I spent.  I'll be glad to tell you how to make it...just comment and let me know!

Candy Bouquet
9 full size candy bar (including a pack of reese's pieces) $1.50 (6 for $1) @ Michelle's Grocery
3 pks of Oreos (2 in a pack) .15 (20 pks for $1) @ Michelle's Grocery
4 little individually wrapped candies less than .01 each=.02 (a huge bag for .49 after Christmas) @ BJ's
3 Lindt Chocolate Truffles .24 (30 pk for $2.50 after Christmas) @ Walgreens
10 hard candies in the bottom of vase .14 (bag of about 70 for $1) @ Dollar Tree 
2 sheets of colored tissue paper .05 (40 ct. for $1) @ Dollar Tree
1 vase $1 @ Dollar Tree (and it's heavy glass)
1 squiggly bow .25 (4 on card for $1 after Christmas) @ Big Lots
19 bamboo skewers .37 (50 in pack for .99) @ Wal-Mart (I think..I've had them for a while)
2 mini glue sticks .10 (20 in pack for $1) @ Dollar Tree
1 small foam cylinder .50 (2 in pk for $1) @ Dollar Tree

Total (including tax on the items I was charged it on) =  $4.51  :)  VERY happy with that total!!

What are some other ideas you have for cute gifts on a budget?  Please share them!

Still peeling glue off my fingers,


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I added a pic...not a very good one since it was taken w/ a phone! Let me know what you think!