Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All You Magazine and Pantry Recipes

I forgot to include this in my last post but I wanted to share a magazine with you that I have just ordered a yearly subscription of.  It's called All You and it has great coupons and cost-cutting tips.  It's only available at Wal-mart and the newstand price is around $2.30 after Wal-marts magazine discount.  I think I am paying around $1 an issue with my subscription.  You will definitely recoup that with just 1-2 coupons! 

I also signed up for their email newsletter which brings me to another tip.  You know how you have to enter your email address for almost everything online such as coupons?  Well, I have a separate email addy to use for those offers because I don't want my inbox bombarded!  Yahoo and google are great for free email accounts. I was looking at the newsletter, something caught my eye!  RECIPES "SHOPPING FROM YOUR PANTRY"!!  How cool is that?!?!  I am sharing the direct link to that article below.

Get out there and save some $$$

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