Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cheap Recipe Alert! Cheesy/Garlic Flatbread

Summer...WHERE ARE YOU?!?!  I miss you, my friend!

Okay, now that I've gotten THAT off my chest...I can continue!

I had to share this cheap recipe real quick with you all.  It's cooking now so pics will be added in a bit!  For those of you who have ever been to KickBack Jack's Restaurant, you will def appreciate this!  One of my BFFs gave me a big bag full of "stuff".  Her dad's friend works at a grocery store and right before the bakery stuff goes out of date, he gives all of it to my friend's dad.  I get to reap the benefits sometimes!  This time she gave me 2 peach pies, a bag of flatbread, a bag of wraps, and pita pockets.  I tossed all of it in the freezer not really knowing exactly what I would do with it yet.  That's when the ghost of Kickback Jack came into my mind!

They make a cheesy flatbread to die for!  It's also CHEAP!  I defrosted the wheat flatbread my friend gave me in the microwave.  I placed it in a single layer on a baking sheet (had to do this in batches) and a spread a little butter on top.  I put it in the oven on 400 for about 5 minutes, took it out and added crushed garlic.  Add some grated cheese...don't be stingy!  Place back in oven and turn oven off.  Let set for 4-5 minutes.  YUM!!
Side note here...If you do not have a Pampered Chef Garlic Press you don't know what you're missing!  You know how cheap I am and I gladly paid my $17 bunches for it.  I know I got my money's worth in the first month of owning it!  You don't have to peel your clove or anything...pop it in the little spot, squeeze handles and you have freshly crushed garlic!

Cost Breakdown:
Flatbreadfree for me!
butter - I buy it from Aldi by the pound.  1 lb = $2.33, 1 stick = .58, 8 Tbsp in a stick = .07 and I probably used 2 Tbsp on all 5 pieces, so .14 butter
cheese - Bought it BOGO so 1.63 for the bag, 2 c in a bag and I used about 1/2 c for all 5 pieces.  .41 cheese
garlic - I buy my garlic at a local produce stand for $1.50 for 5 bulbs. 1 bulb = .30, I used 3 cloves and there are about 10 cloves in a bulb so .09 for garlic.

Cost for 5 large pieces of garlic/cheese bread = .64 which means each piece is a little less than .13.  WELL worth it!!

So, after eating it for the first time I would make a couple of changes for next time.  I would use garlic powder instead of fresh garlic.  The powder can be more evenly distributed.  I think this is the ONLY time you will hear me say powdered over fresh!  The other thing...MORE CHEESE!!  :)  You can never have too much!!

Dreaming of warm, tropical beaches...and cheese bread,


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  1. hey Aunt Joy I tryed this and it was super duper (and one more time) DUPER good, and it was super easy too! I knew you were my favorite for some reason! LOL
    I love your begining and end statements! I miss summer too, only one more semester, hold it out!!