Sunday, January 2, 2011

After Christmas Sales

While I cherish the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate the birth of our Savior, I must admit that I look forward to the days AFTER Christmas the most!  Why?  Sales!!  I started stressing on Christmas Day when I realized that I may be snowed in for the big sale day.  So, I sent my friend, Tom, a text.  He is from up north and loves the white stuff...snow that is!  He asked what time I wanted to leave and I sheepishly replied that Wal-mart opened at 6am.  He replied that I owed him big!  lol

He was at my house at 5:40...what a true friend!  :)  He did get treated to breakfast (with a BOGO coupon) and a White Mocha (aka heaven) from Starbucks (w/ a gift card).  He was laughing because by 9:30 we had:  Been to 2 Wal-marts, had breakfast, grabbed Starbucks, and were on our way to Target #2!  Not to mention that the store were empty so I didn't get stressed out!  I don't do crowds very well!

I now have napkins, paper towels, paper plates (2 sizes), Ziplocs, and dish washing liquid to last for at least 6 months...longer on some of the things!  I don't care if my dish washing liquid has ornaments on it...not for 1.32 for a huge bottle anyway!  Paper plates ran me about $1.50 for 60.  I don't care if they're red!  I am a State fan so there ya go! I also picked up a couple of dishtowels, Club crackers, and odds and ends for half off.  Since we don't have kids, hubby and decided to fill each other's stockings after Christmas.  One day doesn't matter when you're eating a Lindt chocolate!

I stopped into Walgreens Friday because my hubby had seen a dancing Elvis doll there before Christmas.  When he got home the day he saw it, he told me about it and said he was going to check after Christmas and see if it was half off.  I have taught him well!!  That was a proud wife moment!!  So, anyway, I ran in yesterday and he waiting in the was 75% off!  I ended getting a $30 item for $7.50.  He was so excited that he sent me back in to get one for a gift for his mom!  I also picked up Lindt Chocolates, gift bags, and a few small Russel Stover's pieces.  Most of these are happily residing in my freezer.

Remember these tips:  If the candy is wrapped in red, Valentine's Day is coming up.  And green could be for St. Patrick's Day.  Also, may of the gift bags I bought are solid colors...birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.  Lots of items have Christmas decorating on the packaging but the actually item is plain.  All occasion!  I froze candy last year as soon as I bought it and it was fine this year.  I did a lot of baking for gifts and used lots of it there.  Tasted good to me!

What are some of your after Christmas deals??

Dreaming of chocolates and bags....for next year,


  1. I hit Target the day after as well. I was worried this year with just having a baby but I still got out and got my good deals. I too enjoyed the paper towels for 1.49, napkins for 1.49, plates for 1.49. Emily is harder to buy gifts for so far in advance but Ava will only be 1 next Christmas and will like whatever I buy her so that worked well. Day after sales are the BEST part of the holiday!

  2. :) Yeah for bargains! WHoohooo!