Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pantry Challenge - My Inventory

As promised, I'm going to post my inventory, no matter how scary it really is!  I will post the freezer inventory here along with what I've gotten done of the fridge.  If you would like to see the pantry stuff, just let me know and I'll share it.  I'm not going to post it now because its lengthy and I'm afraid it will bore you!  As you will see, I did a column for the item, another for the quantity I have, and the last one for quantity used.  This will help with my meal planning.  It may look like I have things written in the "used" category but I don't yet. Its the formatting having had to transfer it from Excel.  I guess I should feel blessed but I kinda feel like you need to call Hoarder's on me!  No, really, that's not necessary! 

We are going to start with the freezers.  I  have a small, chest-type freezer and the small one above my fridge.  Here it goes....
Meats Quantity        Used
BBQ apprx 2c
Split Chicken Breast 1 pk
Sliced Ham 3 packs
Link Sausage aprx 1 lb
Steak 2
Mussles 2 packs
Chuck Roast 1
Whole Chicken 1
Bologna 2 packs
whole beef filets 2
sausage rolls 2
B/S chkn breast 4 packs
Turkey Tenderloin 3
Taco Meat 1 Qrt
Brats 1 pk
Pork Tenderloin 1
Ground Turkey Rolls 4
Fish Filets 1 box
Smoked Sausage 1 lb
1 lb Grd Beef 2 pks
Bulk Sausage aprx 1 lb
meatballs 1 bag
cubed steak 1 pk of 2
red hots 4 dogs
hot dogs 4 dogs
sage sausage 1 roll
sirloin 1
italian sausage 1 pk

Red Peppers aprx 2 c
Brussel Sprouts 1 bag
Blueberries 1/2 bag
carrots 2 bags
broccoli 2 bags
Artichoke Hearts 1/2 bag
mixed berries 1 bag
green beans  3 bags
peas 1 bag
asparagus 1 bag
cherries 1 qrt
corn 1 bag
green peppers aprx 1 c
Mixed peppers 1 bag
collards 1 bag
pearl onions 1 bag
black-eyed peas 1 bag
mushrooms aprx 2 c
mini yogurts 2
mashed potatoes 2 servings
fresh onions 6
fresh potatoes 5lb bag
fresh garlic 5 heads
Misc quantity     Used
rolls 1 bag
pierogies 1 box
Tater Tots 1/2 bag
French Toast Sticks aprx 7 sti
cinnamon rolls 1 bag
hashbrowns big box
puff pastry 1 box
Daq Mix 1
1 lb butter 2
english muffins 6
french fries 1 lrg bag
philly chsstk minis 2 bags

Desserts quantity        Used
mini ice cream sammies 3
slice pie 1
candy 8 pieces
fudge aprx 20 ps
Cookie Dough 4
strawberry sauce 1 c
smart ones 2 in a pk
brownies aprx 10
baklava aprx 10
Hostess 11
cool whip 1 tub
mini pie shells 6
gingerbrd cookies 1 baggie
oreo balls 1 baggie
Reeses Trees 6
Misc candy chips and nuts

Meals Quantity        Used
Tenderloin meal 2
Chili Lrg Bag
soft taco 1
hot pocket 2
breakfast casserole 1 serv
WW meal 2
shrimp fettuccini 1 bag
zucch casserole 1 serv
2 pk breakfast pockets 1
2 pk saus. Cross. 2 pks
 bowl spaghetti sauce aprx 2 c
2 pk twice baked pot 1 pk
mini pizzas 4
sm. Potato soup 2
egg rolls  4
baked ziti 1 meal
mini burritos aprx 7
rib patties 1 lrg box

Here's what I have gotten done of the fridge:

FRIDGE quantity     Used
Sour Cream 1/2 conta
Flour Tortillas lots
milk 2/3 gallon
half n half 2 qrts
pickles some
eggs 12
bbq sauce 1 bottle
salad lrg bowl
jalapenos 10 whole
choc chip ball 2/3 left
cabbage 2/3 head
canned biscuts 1
cheese lots
tater sauce
pepperoni sm amt 
cream cheese 3 blks
canned cinnamon rls 1
pickles 5 lrg

Keeping mind that the formatting looks kind of weird here.  I used Excel so mine looks different!

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