Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Goals for the Pantry Challenge

Now that I've told you what it is, I'm going to tell you my family's goals for the Pantry Challenge.  In pink you will see where I am at on that goal.

  • Inventory cabinets, freezer(s), and fridge.  I have done everything except for the fridge.  I have started that as well but we are eating from that this weekend.
  • Create a menu for the first 2 weeks.  Done.
  • Spend NO MORE than $20 a week or $80 a month on grocery products for January.  Starting Monday!  I am also including paper supplies like paper towels, plates, napkins, ziplocs, etc.  The money will be spend for produce, milk, bread, etc.
  • Decrease food waste.   It makes me so mad to throw food away!  This month, I will post what I have had to throw away at the end of each week as well.  Hopefully it will be next to nothing!
  • Use food that has been pushed to the bottom of my freezer and the back of my cabinets that I forgot about, which will in turn decrease waste!   Boy, did I find things that I had totally forgotten about!  
 So, what do you think?  Can you do something like this?  I didn't think I could do it at first but the more I talked about it, the more excited I got!  My husband has been a HUGE supporter for this!  He helped me inventory everything and looked over my menu.  He even complimented me on the it!  Such a good guy!

Coming up next will be my inventory list....I'm embarrassed!   

Still counting,


  1. Take the ground beef or taco meat and brown...put in bottom of casserole dish. Some type of vegetable on top of the meat (usually corn) then put mash potatoes on top of it. You have shephards pie. Some like to put cheese on top...I don't. Tell meif you use it.

  2. I forgot all about shephard's pie...yum! That WILL be incorporated in my menu for sure. I like to add a few diced tomatoes to the ground beef when I do that...weird, I know! Thanks!