Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pantry Challenge Days 1-3

I have been extremely busy with work so I do apologize for the delay.  Also, to those who have requested directions on how to make the candy bouquet, it's coming...I promise!

The Pantry Challenge is going GREAT!  It's day 3 and I haven't gone to the grocery store - that's a huge accomplishment for me.  I take after my daddy...I love the grocery store - not to mention Harris Teeter is having Super Doubles right now!  Ugh!

We've pretty much stuck with our meal plan.  I did have to sub tonight because there was a container mix up this morning and hubby took the leftover broccoli to work along with the leftover burritos makings!  So, we had instant mashed potatoes in place of the broccoli casserole and I will use the broccoli tomorrow night when he brings it back home.  It's all good!

Some have asked to see my meal plan.  I will post for week 1 tonight and post for week 2 on Sunday.  I will also let you know how well we have stuck to it!  It has actually been nice not having to play the guessing game of what's for lunch and dinner.  We already know!

It will look kind of weird because I am copying and pasting from Excel.  Also,  I used my own version of shorthand to fit everything in the blocks.  R stands for Rich and J stands for Joy!  On Saturday and Sunday we basically eat the same thing except for the mussels...yuck!
How are you doing on meals this week?  Are you trying to use any of your stockpile items?  Share some of your recipes from this week with me please!   :)

Planning, planning, planning,




Breakfast Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

J HB muffin HB Muffin HB Muffin oat. w/ raisins fruit waff cer sau,egg,che stk, egg

R poptarts poptarts poptarts poptarts brkfst cass bis w/HB toast

Lunch  J leftov chikrice ham meal leftovers leftovers mini pizzas leftovers HBH, can

R ham meal leftov chikrice leftovers leftovers mini pizzas leftovers gb, gb*

Dinner Baked Chicken Burritos, SC,  filet s N b chicken *chick tacos chuck roast *saus puff

cabbage blk olives, lettuce broccoli cass** stuffing* ricearoni carrots, pots pastry, 

salad broccoli carrots (2) froz gb w/ garl salad pearl onions sopapillas

Snacks nabs 5 TJ crackers

wk 1 hostess 2 oranges



ritz 1 sleeve

choc ball

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