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Candy Bouquet Instructions

Sorry it has taken me so long to get these directions out for the candy bouquet...can you say EXAM WEEK?  Ugh...I thought that actually being the teacher during exam week would be MUCH less stressful...NOT SO MUCH!  I will blog either tonight or in the morning about how we're going on the Pantry Challenge!  :)

Cursing the EOC Exams, 


Candy Bouquet Instructions

Materials Needed:
*6 full size candy bars (or more depending on your container)
*2-3 fun size candy bars or other small candy treats
*bamboo skewers (1 for each piece of candy/candy bar)
*vase or other container that you like or find at a bargain!
*tissue paper-various colors; its very pretty with the shiny cellophane stuff too
*hot glue gun
*glue sticks
*foam block – size depends on your container
*curling ribbon bow or the ribbon to make your own bow

*Hot glue bamboo skewers to the back of your candy by placing a long, thin line of glue wherever you’d like the skewer to go.  Gently lay skewer in hot glue.  I glue mine about 1.5-2 inches from the top of the bar just to give it support.  The small pieces were glued almost to the top of the piece of candy.  After you have the skewer on, take a small (probably 2x2 in) of tissue paper and poke a hole in the middle with your skewer.  Push the paper up to the base of the candy.  Place a VERY small amount of glue on 2-3 places around the candy and secure the tissue paper to it.  You want this to be very free flowing so just kind of scrunch it! 

By the time you have finished gluing your last piece, your first piece will be ready to use! 

*Place the foam block in your container so that it fits snugly.  Mine was very tight and didn’t go all the way to the bottom, so I wrapped the foam with tissue paper before putting it in the clear vase.  I also placed small hard candy pieces in the bottom of the vase that was empty.  If your foam does not fit snugly, simply put a few drops of hot glue on the bottom.

*I started my bouquet by “fanning out” 4 -6 candy bars in the back (think of the flower arrangements you have received).  Gently push the skewers into the foam…don’t push them all the way through.  :)  I ended up breaking off only about 2 inches of the skewer on these because I wanted them tall.  Next, using your other pieces fill in the empty spots, placing shorter ones towards the front. 

*The final step is to hot glue your bow to the front!

The thing I love about this idea is it’s SO easy (even I can do it), it’s cheap, and you can do SO many different things with it.  Whatever is on sale can go in it.  You could make it colored themed such as orange and black for Halloween, etc. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!  It is SO MUCH easier than it sounds!!

The finished product again!

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