Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's Rich's Bento??

I crashed Tuesday night!  Hendrix (my youngest lab) snuggled up to me and we were out!  I woke up at around 4amish and realized I had not made Rich's bento!  Being the wonderful wife I am, I got up and made it so he would have it for breakfast/snack/lunch!  Check it out!  I am always, always looking for new, simple bento ideas...please lend me your creativity in the comment section!
Large section: Cute lil' guitar container w/ 4 Hershey's kisses in it, a Teddys Grahams soft paw cookie/muffin thingie with a mini homemade granola bar underneath, homemade flour tortilla half with ham and cheese inside. The smaller sections: top- a few GINORMOUS grapes with heart-shaped cucumber slices underneath.  And finally, a homemade blueberry/cream cheese muffin. I Used the last precooked boiled egg yesterday (which Rich usually has in these for protein), but I am boiling more today! ♥  I try to boil 8-12 at the beginning of each week to use for lunches.  I didn't this week bc I still had a few leftover from last week...there are more now!  They were mint and olive green eggs!  These are laid by Easter Egg Chickens!  ;)

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