Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sock Monster???

Am I the ONLY person who owns a dryer that EATS socks??  I swear...I put 3 pairs in and 4-5 socks come out!  WTH??  Well, that prompted me to find ways to use the TONS of singleton socks I have in a drawer...just in case the sock monster decides to thrown up a massive amount of socks one day!!  Check Them Out!

Potpourri Pouch:  fill an old sock with potpourri, tie the end with a rubber band, and stick it into a drawer that you want to freshen or a pair of smelly shoes...or any other stinky place! 
Dusting:  spray some furniture polish on the sock, put it on your hand (or your kid's hand) and use it like a Swiffer pad to dust your furniture.
Frugal Heating Pad: Just stuff an old sock with dry beans or rice, then throw it into the microwave for 30 seconds.
Moving/Packing:  Instead of using newspaper after newspaper, help the environment and use your old socks to stick glasses, decorations, what-nots, etc.  This protects them better than paper!!

PLEASE...What do you do with mismatched socks BESIDES throw them away??

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