Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Bento Blog Hop Inspiration....I LOVE the Beach!

SO, I was inspired today by a Blog Hop that went on today among the Bento Bloggers.  Since today is the first day of summer, they decided to have a hop around that theme.  I was VERY impressed!  My fave item was a bunch of miniature marshmallows on sticks (pretzels) that the artist had actually roasted over the gas burner on the stove!!  How cool!?

Since I LOVE summer...for obvious reasons (I'm a teacher), I figured I would create one for Rich using the same theme.  He has had a Bento every day this week, but I must say that they haven't revolved around a theme.  I am excited to show mine off to you!
Starting at the top left and going clockwise, we have the ocean which is made of blue vanilla yogurt, a starburst sun, a Werther's Chewy SeaGull, and cookie crumb sand.  Next, there are 3 Beach Balls made out of circle I cut out of bread with the top of a medicine bottle.  Then I used edible markers to color in the triangles.  These are Cookie Butter sammies.  The middle consist of a tiny red chocolate candy that I dug out of a jar of misc sprinkles.  These are accented by an orange Hibiscus Flower pick and a mini umbrella!  Below that you simply have some "Whales" which are Dollar General's brand of Goldfish.  Aldi carries "sharks" as their brand.  Finally, you have a little fishy boiled egg.  Hubby was impressed!  I also had a pink flamingo pick in the whales but it disappeared before the picture!

A close up of the ocean scene and beach balls.

You should try "bentoing" because if I can do it, anyone can!  I had a CRAPPY day and I just focused my energy on this for a few and believe it or not, it helped!  Whatcha think of my creation??  I also need some theme ideas. 

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