Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NEW Look and Need some Inspiration...Giveaway??

Hey, y'all!  Just wanted to take a sec and brag mention my new look.  I am proud of my work because I usually SUCK at this sort of stuff!  I kinda like it!  The only thing driving me CRAZY is the fact that the logo is off-center and blogger will not cooperate with me to fix it!  sigh....

I need your help!  I know I would update more frequently if I had more followers...I have lots to say...ask my hubby!  lol  Anyway, I truly appreciate those of you who have subscribed...makes me smile!  Anyway you can pimp me out to your friends??  I may be coerced into to doing a first-ever (for me) givaeaway if I can hit...umm....maybe 50 followers? 

Along that same note, hubby and I had to switch around some internet stuff and I lost ALL of my bookmarks.  I am SO dependent on my bookmarks.  One of the very first blogs (maybe even the first) I started reading is by J, who I kinda feel like I know!  Now, I can't find either of her blogs!!  J, if you read this, could you PLEASE send me via email or via comment the link(s) to your blog(s)?  Please and thank you!

Now, get to pimping me out!  LOL


  1. Whoops! Sorry, the internet ate the travel blog, so I'm relocated to blogger kinda-sorta temporarily.

    You *should* be able to find me by clicking on my "name" here, or by clickering

    I dunno what's up with the food blog. I'll have to look into that. I haven't posted anything in a while there, tho, so it might be sleeping?

    Also--snazzy new look!

  2. Yeah! I was hoping you would comment! I have to catch up on your blogs when I get back from going to see my sis and aunt. Going to deliver homemade soup and pick blueberries! Yum! Hope you have been well...I'll see in a few! SO happy to connect with you again...even if it is from the other side of the world!!

  3. Okay, I added your blogs to my sidebar so I won't "lose you" again!! LOL Thanks for the compliment, btw!!