Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Bentoing" - Getting my Feet Wet!

So, I have been growing increasingly interested in creating Bentos for Rich and my lunches.  I have started by doing a few here lately.  I will NEVER have as much time to spend on them as some bloggers have.  I admire their work, though!  Here are a few that I have created...

This first one was created for Rich to take for breakfast/lunch.  I made this one the designated "cold" one and the one below this one the "hot" one.  I figured he could have some of the cold one for breakfast and the rest with his hot one for lunch!
The main compartment has:  Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and yellow peppers cut into various shapes (stars, flower-type deals, and hearts).  The little green container beside it has some ranch.  It is a repurposed playdoh container!  He also has some crackers in a muffin cup along with cheese and ham.  I couldn't resist the heart pick!  The smallest side compartment is an orange fluff thingie that I LOVE...he's not a fan...it came home!  More for me!  Beside it is some vanilla yogurt with fresh berries!

This is his "hot" one.  It has skewers with leftover pork tenderloin and mandarin oranges.  Weird combo, but he LOVED the broccoli casserole I made so he has some of that as well.

This is actually my breakfast/lunch for tomorrow.  In the main compartment I included a fajita-sized ham and cheese wrap, a skewer of fresh blueberries that I picked this evening, a boiled egg, and a "cookie butter" roll-up.  More to come on the Cookie Butter later...Rich is officially obsessed with it!  The small compartment holds 2 strawberries also picked tonight and some orange fluff.  I topped it with a few flower sprinkles.  :)

This is Rich's breakfast/lunch for tomorrow.  The main compartment has the same things as mine with fresh veggies replacing the boiled egg.  In the smallest compartment, I included 3 Mexican Meatballs in a muffin cup so he can take them out and nuke them if he wants.  Those things are a favorite and SO easy!  The other container has peach yogurt topped with berries. 

This lunch made me giggle and hubby smile!  I will say, Rich is a trooper!  He deals with my little obsessions very well...he even bragged about this to his boss who couldn't have cared less!  I named this "Under the Sea"...yeah, not very original but it's the first thing I thought of when I made this!  It is just dyed Ramen (I had a craving) with a little of the packet seasoning as well as my own twist.  I added some fresh herbs and black & white sesame seeds.  I topped the noodles with sauteed shrimp with garlic and herbs.  He liked it and I agree that it was quite tasty!
So, there you have it!  Laugh is you may, but it's kinda fun!  Let me know what you think!  Maybe I'll actually start posting regularly and get some more followers!  LOL

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