Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's in Rich's Bento _ Friday Edition!

A little late here...sorry!!  My guy had a really sucky week last week so I wanted to make him an extra special Bento!  It drew TONS of comments on Facebook (he's cute bc he always takes a pic and posts it). Here is my guy's bento from this past Friday:
Top left: Watermelon from my sister's garden cut into heart and star shapes with a few pieces of a sprite melon underneath, below that is a bear-shaped boiled egg(Rich's daily staple). In the big section, he has a mini star-shaped ham and colby cheese sammie with a homemade peanut butter/choc chip/oatmeal cookie on top. Right beside that is an oatmeal/raisin pawprint. In back, is a mini cheese biscuit and beside that are 2 picks of black olives and colby cheese cubes, all topped off with an Mini Iron Man gummy! :) This is what he eats on throughout the day, hence the variety of things! I think he also brought a dab of homemade chicken orzo from last night. :)  He is holding up the note that I tucked into it the night before so he would find it when he got to work!
This made me laugh....
He posted this on Facebook and his caption said, "In case y'all are wondering, it was good!"  I like how he truly appreciates my efforts.  Makes me enjoy doing it for him!
What's in your lunchbox for Monday-Monday??

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