Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh My Stars! Bento :)

So, Rich's Monday Bento ended up lasting him through Tuesday because he has been SO busy at work!  I just finished making his Bento for Wednesday (tomorrow) and I like it!  Here is Monday/Tuesday's Bento, Oh My Stars!!
Beginning at Top, Left then proceeding clockwise:  Star and heart-shaped watermelon bites with a cute, sword pick, Vanilla Yogurt with a star-shaped dollop of my homemade "Kitchen Sink" jam (several diff fruits), Crinkle cut cucumbers and carrots (more about these is a minute) with a star/music pick, and finally a star-shaped boiled egg that I wrote on with edible markers. 
About the crinkle-cut veggies...This past Saturday my family had a picnic get together.  One of the things I brought was a big bowl of fresh veggies with ranch for dipping.  I cut the veggies using my Pampered Chef crinkle cutter which made little wave-like patterns in the veggies.  I want you to know that the kids were all amazed by the veggies and 3/4 of them were eaten by the kids!  Some had only veggies on their plates instead of hot dogs and chips!!  Goes to show that we eat w/ our eyes FIRST!

How did you start off your work week?  What did you have for lunch??  How do you get your kids to try new things without a fight?

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