Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Wreath

Once in a while I get inspired!  I wanted a new wreath for Valentine's Day but I am on a TIGHT BUDGET!  I hate that word!!!  My oldest Lab had knee surgery December 16th to the tune of $2500.  Don't get me wrong...she is worth every little penny!  But dang, that hurts!

Okay....ADD moment!  Oh, my wreath!  Most of what you see was purchased from the Dollar Tree.  I'm gonna post a pic and break down the cost for you!

Little Hearts sticking out from the wreath:  $1 per pack x2 = $2
Large Bow in Center, holiday clearance @ Michael's = .39
Large Flowers, Ebay, bag of 30 for $2 = .27 for 4
Wired heart wrap, Dollar Tree =$1
Small Flowers, Ebay, bag of 40 for $2 = .20 for 4
Die Cut scalloped hearts, Ebay 30 for $1.50 = .25 for 5
Foam Letters, Dollar Tree, Pk of 135 =  .4 for 5
Wreath, Dollar Tree = $1
Hot Glue, Used 1 mini stick = .5
Grand Total $ 5.20

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