Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Furry Babies

I figured it is time for you to see the loves of my life!  These have got to be the most spoiled babies in the world!  Ask my MIL and she will agree!  lol 

My Hendrix aka Mommy's shadow

My Lovebug and Soulmate, Elvis

Elvis...I miss him so much!

Lisa-Marie & Elvis :)

My Presley


Lisa-Marie posing

Hendrix as a baby!

What, mom??


  1. Those are some beautiful fur-babies. Hendrix looks like he's in that odd puppy stage where they grow funny--one end longer than the other. Or does he just have permanent puppy-face?

  2. Thank you...they are my everything! :) Hendrix turned 2 in January but I think he may be a forever puppy. We got him when he was 13 days old and bottle fed him...his mommy had died and left he and is 9 siblings behind. There were several of us with 1-3 pups each because bottle feeding is a trip! I loved it though! He truly thinks I AM mommy bc he was such a baby when we got him that I had to do the whole making him potty thing! When we first got him I was terrified to leave him at home alone for long so I just brought him with me. It was January so I wore either a pullover hoodie or zip-up fleece jacket. He road in the pockets or against my chest under the zipper. He got us busted at Starbucks when he woke up and popped his head out! lol Hendrix has that face that will absolutely melt you and you can't get mad at him! LOL